Unfortunately, due to the rapidly expanding COVID-19 situation, we've cancelled our April 17th event. We're still trying our best to record our speakers and release videos to spread their ideas with the world!

Meet the Speakers


Asukulu Songolo is a junior at Central Catholic in southeast Portland. He is the child of refugees of war from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and an immigrant to the country himself. He is active within his school community promoting marginalized groups and identities through his involvement in DIversity and Inclusion Leadership Council as well as African American Students United (AASU). Outside of this work, he enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as running track and field. He is passionate about social justice, and in August of 2019, he founded a grassroots movement, The Congo Peace Project. This movement hopes to realize the right to menstrual hygiene and educational opportunity for all Congolese people. After high school, Asukulu hopes to go into International Relations and Business, in order to satisfy his interests in social entrepreneurship and global politics.

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Ari is a senior at Wilson High School. He spends most of his time participating in speech and debate as well as competitive poetry, and in 2019 traveled to Las Vegas to participate with his team in the Brave New Voices World Poetry Slam, in which they qualified for the semifinals. He is passionate about activism, serving as the founder and head of the local organization Teens Against Child Marriage (TACM). Ari maintains a powerful voice in his community, headlining various service events such as Blankets for Babies, an annual project in which local families handcraft blankets for cancer patients at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. He spends his free time listening to Demi Lovato (the best musician of all time), playing soccer and table tennis, and cuddling with his four cats. Ari hopes to study education in university, and intends to pursue poetry at the professional level.


Victoria is a senior at Liberty and a sophomore at PCC through the early college high school program. She is studying to get an MBA and is planning to transfer over to PSU next year. She spends her time away from school working a part time job to help save for an apartment with her friend. Her hobbies include singing, art and music.


Ishaan Sinha is a sophomore at Glencoe High School. Ishaan is heavily involved in science and religion; he organizes several Hindu cultural events and conducts science research at Portland State University. In his free time, he likes to play guitar, basketball and draw. In the future, Ishaan hopes to become involved in entrepreneurship and devote his life to bringing people together.